5th December 2014

New York City

There is something truly magical about this city, there’s a buzz that fills the air like no other place in all of the world. There’s no mystery behind why so many talented musicians penned songs about it and why film after film uses this landscape as it’s backdrop, it’s obvious. It’s the one island that creatives flock and a place that you’re guaranteed to find a dreamer on every corner. This metropolis is known by three meaningful letters that represent something different to each and every person who lives there, works there and visits there – NYC is something so special.

To dine. 

Whatever your palate desires you are sure to find it within the radius of Manhattan. Amongst the street corner soft pretzels, pizzerias and familiar restaurant favorites are the hidden gems. The places so uniquely picturesque that it will be hard to leave even though your appetite is fully satisfied.

If there ever was a place that I’ve always dreamed of dining it’s The River  Cafe and it lived up to every expectation. Nothing short of the most beautifully-romantic-whimsical night dining riverside under the bright lights of the breathtaking skyline. This gem is nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge and view of the skyline from this special place is stunning.

the river cafe

riverside cafe

Then there’s the scenic restaurant tucked away in the ever-so charming Central Park, Tavern on The Green. Reopening in May after undergoing a facelift, it still holds the glamorous NYC history of yesteryear, yet has been modernized for today. The eats suitably match the ambiance that this sweet restaurant has to offer. We chose to brunch on the stuffed french toast, cheese grits and poached eggs paired with salmon + lobster. We were in heaven.

tavern on the green

tavern on the green

Situated at the end of 5th Ave and the start of Central Park is the luxurious Plaza hotel. Within the classic hotel is the Palm Court, New York’s premiere destination for Afternoon Tea. The ambiance has a modern flare but, the historic Beaux Arts décor and superb service confirms that through the years everything that has made this haven so special has not been lost.

plaza hotel

afternoon tea plaza

If you’re craving something sweet you must make your way to Serendipity’s. This cute cafe packs the sweetest delights in a cozy and eclectic atmosphere. The frozen hot chocolate is a constant favorite.

Frozen hot chocolate

To shop.

If you head down 5th Ave you’ll see most of your favorite high streets shops and a few ‘flagship’ stores. The first ever Macy’s is situated on 34th street and definitely worth a stop. I’m certainly not one for just window shopping but at Christmas time the department store windows are a magical sight; Macy’s, Bergdorf & Goodman, Bloomingdales, Saks and Lord & Taylor are some of the best.

5th ave shopping

There are also tucked away boutiques spread throughout Greenwich. If you’re looking for a unique piece or want a more personal shopping experience, stroll these streets.

To entertain. 

It doesn’t take long to realize that the nickname of ‘a city that never sleeps’ is truly adequate. There’s always something to do no matter the time of day, the streets are continuously busy and the lights never go dim.  The theatre is a perfect way to spend an evening in the city and the talent on Broadway is the cream of the crop. If you’re looking for a daytime activity, head to the museums, from history to modern art you’ll find something interesting to quench your thirst for creativity.

To admire.

Pack your flats because whether you’re strolling the streets of Greenwich or browsing the shops on 5th Ave, traveling by foot is the best way to explore this concrete landscape. There’s no place like Central Park, there’s something unbelievably magical about this endless scenery – especially in the fall. It’s a place that locals and visitors alike escape from the busyness of the city for some peace and serenity. I’m convinced some of the most beautiful art and colossal dreams were derived within the acres of this vast garden. 


On the opposite end of the spectrum are the the tall skyscrapers, also something to be admired. Not only do they make up the picturesque skyline but they mirror success, triumphs, history and progression. The Freedom Tower is the newest addition, its beauty resounds far beyond the structure or design; it resembles a plethora of emotions from deep sadness and fear to every heroic individual and a unified nation.



This city is truly something exquisite, the contagious vibe it exudes is like no other. If you’ve never paid her a visit it’s one to get on your hit list fast, and once you’ve been – it’s likely you’ll keep coming back time and time again. New York City, you are everything.

Photo cred : Kat Harris, The Plaza and Stephen Illy