28th July 2015

Show love…to Cork

When this site was at its infancy my dream was that it would reach further than me and way beyond just my story. That it would cause community, sisters joining together to create something beautiful in our big world. To share together and build together. That it would be a vessel to do more than just post about the randomness, simplistic + trials and triumphs of life. I prayed that it would be a space to help those near and far and a platform to encourage + inspire. Which brings me to this new exciting adventure…

Meet Mandla.

In April Stephen and I were completely captivated by our first trip to South Africa. The beauty, the landscape, the food, everything mulched together to make some kind of African heaven. But what stirred our hearts the most was the people. The way they loved + showed hospitality was inspiring. We definitely left different than we came and knew we had to do something, anything, to help.

While en route to the elephant sanctuary our driver began to share his heart about his community and his desire for more of them to know more about Jesus. Heart melting + tears flowing as we passed dirt roads with Mommas + their babies walking barefoot here, there, and everywhere. Boulders blocked some the roads leading to the houses where protests were taking place. Huts that were considered aspired accommodation lined the streets. Our conversation carried on as he spoke about the greatness of his country and also the fears + hardships. He taught us a lot about perspective, gratitude, and love in those few short hours.

Fast forward to July, and the months in between, where I couldn’t get our conversation out of my head. I kept recalling every little detail, like how something as simple as Vaseline is so rare + longed for to keep their skin protected from the harsh dry sun and cold winters.

Not knowing our driver’s name or any contact details I sent an email to our resort to find out if they could track him down. And guess what, they finally have.

Meet Mandla + some of the community of Cork.

mandla (2)
So here’s how you can help!

We’ll be sending a care package to the village of Cork in just a few weeks. Mr.Mandla shared that July is Nelson Mandela month and everyone is encouraged to spend some time to doing something good in order to change people’s lives. (Hello perfect timing!) He emphasised that Mandela’s heart was for the children so he asked that if we wanted to do something to send toys, books, and Bibles.

Will you help us bless the socks off of Cork and show them that we have so much love to give!?

Anything that you would be willing to donate I would be happy to collect (if you’re local of course!) If you’re not local and would still like to help we’ve set up a GoFundMe page were all proceeds will go towards money to buy items + shipping costs. Can you also join us in praying over this next month for the village of Cork!?

This is just the first of many initiatives to start showing love to our communities far + wide. By joining together doing the little things who knows the waves of movement we can cause throughout the lives of many.

Will you help show the love!?