27th April 2015

Sabi Sands Safari

Moments that completely take your breath away are a rare but beautiful and, usually life altering, occurrence. A few that spring to mind are; holding my best friend’s new little girl shortly after being born, the call saying that there was a new organ awaiting me, meeting my now husband at the bottom of the aisle on our wedding day, dancing with my dad on said day. Oh, and that time I got suckered into going on my first ever upside-down-topsy-turvy ride, which literally left me slightly winded. Most recently this latest adventure deserves a spot on the list. It amazes me how creative our creator was when he spun the world into motion, but the intricate detail or the, ‘circle of life’, astounds me. Nothing was left untouched, it reiterates that everything roaming this vast earth has a specific, unique and vital role.

cheetah ulusaba

In this next getaway guide, I’ll be sharing with you our Sabi Sands safari adventure. Again, it’s something you must see for yourself. Animal person or not, it’s a trip that will leave you breathless and in awe of another piece of our big and beautiful world.

The experience

After flying on a little propeller plane to a little concrete airstrip, we were greeted by our ranger. A warm welcome, topped off with a mimosa, to cheers to the start of an amazing trip ahead.

game drive ulusaba

At first glance the safari itinerary can seem a little daunting with a 5am wake up call, but it proves to be perfect. The day starts with teas and coffee, followed by the first game drive at 5:30am (including a pit stop for coffees – with a splash of Amarula – in the bush), back at around 9:30 for breakfast, lunch between 1-3pm, afternoon tea to ensure bellies are topped off at 4:30pm, the next game drive at 5pm (again, with a pit stop for drinks, champs, the whole nine yards) and ending with a beautiful four course meal at around 8:30pm. An all-inclusive, jam-packed day, leaving you wanting to do it all again the next day. 

The lodge

rock lodge ulusaba

Who knew that staying in the bush could be so luxurious? Ulusaba is an all-inclusive resort with nod of approval from Sir Richard Branson himself. The picturesque Rock Lodge was perched on top of a cliff and lives up to its label of being the ‘best view in the Sabi Sand‘. The inside is beautifully decked out with ornate furniture and floor-to-ceiling views overlooking the horizon. The duplex room includes a bath tub, positioned so that you can relax while overlooking the African bush in complete privacy.

rock lodge

Every dish, made fresh to your liking, tastes like Michelin Star quality. One thing is for sure, you’ll never go hungry.

Top tip — You must ask for their famous iced coffee. It’s sure to be the first of many once you start.

From the food to the experience, from the ever-so friendly staff to every little detail and surprise — we felt like royalty somewhere lost in Lion King heaven.

The moments 

lion and cubs ulusaba

Fingers and toes were crossed that we would spot some beautiful animals. Needless to say, expectations were surpassed. By the second day we had already spotted the ‘Big 5’ and it seemed as though everywhere we looked there was another magnificent sighting of animals interacting in their own habitat.

The big five ulusaba

A bush walk is another experience in itself. It’s a time to quite the craziness and listen to what the wild is saying. It’s a time when you appreciate the song of the birds, the calling of creatures and visiting the homes of the ‘Little 5’. It’s then that you realise, even the termites and their mounds play a vital role in this circle.


There are variety of activities to do in your ‘down-time’ including, a visit to the spa, the elephant sanctuary experience, a trip to the nearby village to visit the children, or even just time to relax by the pool.

safari sunrise


safari drive

Between the sunrise safaris, breath-taking images that are etched in your mind and a retreat far away from the normal hustle + bustle, this is an experience like no other. There’s just something about this place — the food, the culture, the hospitality and nature mulch together to make some kind of African heaven.

Lodge images photo credit – Ulusaba