21st October 2015

Show love project update

It’s safe to say that at our core we all want peace, love and happiness. We want to take to in + savour every moment and climb out of the pits like the warriors we are. We want to live long purposeful lives and leave an impact on our big beautiful world. Yes? We want to be happy + see others happy.

Here on The Brew we’ve made it our mission to help with just that, loving people + loving them well. We’ve summed up that mission in two words – show love. So beginning in July we asked you to come together to help us out. We asked for children’s books, toys for the village, personal items + prayers, but what we got was so much more than that. Your love overflowed, and then some.

soccer team

The boxes full of your kindness reached the village of Cork in South Africa just a few weeks ago and they’re hearts became full of our love.

We received these words from our friend Mandla,

Many thanks to you, Stephen and the community who willingly gave so much to the people of my village, this was beyond my expectations. We have a lot of children who don’t get a chance to receive a gift and this came as a blessing to them.

My younger brother and wife are expecting a new baby in the next few weeks and he was one of those who benefited from the gifts. I will send you fotos as soon as the baby is welcomed 
Every year-end we buy new clothes and gifts  for children to celebrate Christmas and new year in the village, the gifts came at the right time and one woman was quoted as saying “thanks to people who thought of choosing us to receive these gifts” 
Thank you ones more for putting such a big smile on these people’s face, God will indeed bless you. Most books were given to a non profitable community pre school which will help many children in the next few years.The lady was very thankful that I chose to give them the stationary as she needed them the most.

This little project that spawned from a vacation to South Africa is just the beginning. We can’t wait to use this platform as a place to ‘show love‘ to so many others around the world both near and far. When sisters from all over join together big things can happen.

Village of Cork

We are planning to start working on our next ‘Show Love‘ project soon and need your help. Please drop us a line of anyone, close by or far away, that could use some love (Info@TheBrew.me) Maybe it’s to raise money for a medical need/expense or perhaps it’s an organization needing supplies – the opportunities for love to be contagious are endless.

In this case the saying ‘it takes a village’ became real, but in every case the need for love + kindness in our world is undeniable. With you we can make a difference.