20th April 2016

It’s a small world

There are monumental times in our lives when we can recall a moral dilemma, we’ve all experienced it. I’m not talking the first world problem kind of dilemma, I’m talking the hard stuff. The stuff that we wish we didn’t have to face, but do. The times when it would be easier to turn a blind eye than to face a problem head on. Moments when we wish we could snap our fingers or blink in continuation until the solution was found.

Lately as I scan through the radio stations or watch the news I’m faced with more and more of these situations. Abortion rates on the rise, sex slavery at our back door, reoccurring race issues, and those risking their own lives in hopes of freedom and a better life for their families. There’s no denying that we live in a world full of hate and clothed in selfishness. It’s becoming increasingly harder to ignore the big issues popping up around every corner and knocking on our back door.

it's a small world

Even harder than the problems we face as a society is the lie that as an individual we can do nothing or, at the most, very little. However, Disney was onto something when it created “it’s a small world”. The tune not only acts like a resounding gong in our head but it holds so much truth. Despite the growing population, language barriers and distance, we do live in a small world. If we each played our tiny part we could, in fact, make a difference. Little changes create a tidal wave of movement and you can begin today.

Part of this blog is to inspire beautiful change, big dreams and a life lived large. Here are some suggestions of things that you can do today to create an impact that will reach further than you could even imagine…

Sponsor a child. This goes far beyond scribing a check every month. Compassion allows you to build relationships, love on and encourage a child in an impoverished and vulnerable country.

Recycle your unwanted material¬†and receive a discount. This week H&M is encouraging “World Recycle Week” by offering a 30% discount in return for any¬†unwanted textiles – stained, ripped and all. They will take our unwanted materials and redistribute them, spin it into yarn for clothes, use them for cleaning cloths or even for insulating purposes such as the filling for car seats etc.

Time is money. We often think of giving in monetary forms when actually giving your time is often even more valuable. Find something you’re passionate about and give your time.

Take action on your passions. Often our own dreams are the very means to break through different gates of society. It’s time to take action on those things that are so heavily weighing on your heart. There’s something great within you awaiting to be unearthed. Wow.

Our heart is for inspiring each of you to live bigger and yeah, we’re preaching to ourselves here. Life is too precious, too powerful, and too quick to not take hold of every opportunity and make a difference in even the smallest of ways. You were created for greatness and you already possess everything you need to make a difference.

We would love to hear about the movements you are creating within your own community. Please leave us a comment below – your actions will inspire someone else.

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