15th April 2016

Italy calls

Italia calls in just a few weeks and I’m already debating what items make it into the case. (First word problems for sure). Go maxi? Short brim fedora or a big floppy hat? Wedges or gladiator tie ups? Decisions, decisions. If you’re a last minute packer like myself then you’ll agree that it’s never too early to start setting things aside, and shopping for a few final pieces is always on the cards. My guess is these pieces will throw the Trump card (see what I did there?) and win out…



ONE / TWO / THREE (20% offer for 4 more days / FOUR / FIVE / SIX / SEVEN / EIGHT / NINE here or here 

The great thing about this guide is that the style is great for any jaunt you’re planning to take this summer. I mean lets be honest, stripes, tassels and metallic sandals will look perfect in anyone’s wardrobe once the sun decides to show its face.

Until Italy calls you’ll likely find me humming the tune of “Moon River” and channeling my inner Hepburn-esque as I squeeze every last accessory into my case, leaving just enough room for a few pieces that I pick up along the coast. Thinking a white linen blouse and a bottle of fresh vino?


Photo : Pinterest