1st September 2016

Capsule wardrobe recap

With a busy life on our hands I’m all for order and simplicity. I often set out with good intentions to de-clutter + organise and after one or two clean and semi-empty drawers life calls again and it’s soon an untidied mess a week later.

After continuous moments of staring at my closet and having ‘nothing to wear’, I finally decided enough was enough. My closet (walk-in wardrobe room) was full to the brim, so much so that clothes had to start being folded and stacked. I couldn’t see what I actually owned because there wasn’t any space to pry things apart and have a closer look. I started to believe that everything I had just wasn’t cutting it, I binge bought, I sale purchased, I held onto things because maybe just maybe I’d one day need this or that for a fancy dress party. What!? I know. That’s when I stumbled upon the capsule wardrobe challenge. Aka my life saver.

Capsule wardrobe

The great thing about a capsule wardrobe is that it can be whatever is needed to suit your lifestyle. The idea is that you choose a selection of thirty seven items to fit a three month season and play mix and match with those pieces. It’s about having more staples and items that make you feel, you. No two capsules will look the same, no two will use the same variation of items. It’s about limiting impulse shopping and purchasing only those items that you need, that will find a home in your closet for years to come. It’s about honing in on your own personal style and not shopping for three months.

capsule wardrobe

My experiment :

8 bottoms

5 dresses

4 simple, classic tees

4 long sleeve blouses

4 button ups

3 jacket/blazer/sweater

9 pairs of shoes

capsule wardrobe

This experiment has taught me to shop less. It’s helped me understand what makes me feel my best. It’s freed up time for what really matters and means I spend less hours pondering what to wear. It’s also allowed me space to be creative with what I already own and it’s definitely created clarity on what doesn’t work.

I’m excited to jump into a new season and begin penning together the things I want to invest in for the fall. I’m excited to shop strategically and choose a few of the items that have made it on to my new ‘staple buying list’.  See a sneak peek below.

Questions to ask yourself before shopping again:

  1. Does this make me feel comfortable? Confident? Authentic?
  2. What pieces are missing from my wardrobe? Perfect pair of jeans? Classic nude heels?
  3. What worked and why?
  4. What didn’t and why?

Would love to hear about your capsules? Tips + tricks are always welcome!