5th September 2016

A new season

Well hello there new season. Since when did the years decide to fly by so quickly? I’m not complaining because fall is one of my favourite times of the year, but I would be okay if the months decided to slow down just a smidge. I’d also be okay if it was still acceptable to wear white after this weekend. There’s labels such as ‘winter white’ for a reason. Right? We’ll leave that one to your own discretion.

One thing that’s not up for debate is the fact that the calendar brings us a new season. Whether we’re ready for it or not it comes knocking. For some this is an exciting time of turning a new page, expectant of whats to come, ready to embark on a new adventure. For others this turn in our year can bring on anxiety and stress, perhaps there’s deadlines that need to be met before the years’ end or maybe a certain time of year brings back memories of a passing relative or a tragic event that they’d rather not face, yet again.

Whatever end of the spectrum you find yourself on, or maybe you’re riding somewhere in the middle, it’s important to remember that a season is just that, a season – blimp in time. It doesn’t last forever and it doesn’t hang around, we’ll blink and snow will start to fall, we’ll start to find routine and springtime blooms will start to blossom. That’s why it’s ever so important to make the most. Stepping into a new season can be much like stepping into a new opportunity. The possibilities are endless and who knows where the next step could lead you.

Consider it the perfect time to set some new goals, write those pieces of unexpected snail mail and enjoy every new thing that this new season has in store.