10th March 2017

Weekending Reads

It doesn’t matter if I’m working from home or if I’ve been on-the-go 24/7, there’s still something special about that Friday feelin’. Lets be honest: it’s partly due to the lack of sleep my body so desperately craves + hopes for, and partly because that’s when all of the fun catch-ups + conversations happen! Amiright!? Weekends are the best gift at the end of a long week.

Care to know what we’ve got planned for our weekend? A lot of relaxing, a little fun with friends and, of course, breakfast in bed. The perfect combination if you ask me. I’d highly recommend it. Oh, and since we’ve already caught up on all of our shows, we’ll be finishing Up Close and Personal because somehow I’ve managed to sneak through life without seeing it.

weekending reads

So while you sip your coffee, put up your feet and settle in on some of our favourites from around the web this week.

Fashion soundbites from our favourites

Find your perfect coffee and consider it match made in heaven.

An extra bank holiday for 2017? Yes please!

Essie walks the red carpet

Total spirit animal whose off-duty style is even on point. Not surprised.

Cue the laughter – “If Ross Gellar had Instagram

Healthy snacks to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner.

Spruce up your wardrobe without spending a dime.

Mandy Moore’s “This is Us” inspired playlist. Who’s ready for next week’s episode?!

Hide your wallets. As if Target isn’t dangerous enough, now this.


Photo credit | The Lovely Drawer