19th February 2016

Weekending Reads

Well, this past week has been filled with our fair share of meds, box sets and tissues because we’ve had a nasty cold lurking around our house. Now that it’s hopefully making its grand exit, it’s likely I’ll be spending a good part of this weekend disinfecting like crazy. If it’s seemed a little more quiet around here be rest assured that it won’t last for long. We’ve got some new videos coming over the next few weeks as well as some new ‘Be Inspired’ posts, and of course, fashion favourites and other musings.

hot tea

Here’s to a weekend filled to the brim with some R&R and a dose of our latest weekending reads…

Most romantic movies lines, ever.

These will be making their way into my shopping basket quick-like.

9 layering lessons from J.crew

Say goodbye to sad desk lunches

Breaking down the advice of “do what you love

Adele on her Grammy performance.

Use your fear to make something beautiful.

Are baths the key to surviving February?

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