12th August 2016

Weekend has arrived

Raise your hands or kick up your heelsĀ if you’re one of those that read those 3 words and breathed in a big sigh of relief. The weekend has arrived, you’ve done it. Work hard, play hard they say. This weekend we’re doing just that, although it’s packed full, it’s filled with all of the ingredients that are sure to make it a good one: friends, date nights, non-stop Olympics, lie-ins and brunch. Better still? Weather man says it’s going to be a sunshiny one – thanking mother nature in advance.

kick up your heels

Whatever you find yourself up to this weekend make it a great one. As we’ve all learned, these next two days fly by the quickest.

While you soak up the rest or soak up the sun, why not take a little look at what’s caught our eyes this week from around the web…

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