17th July 2015

Style Soulmate | Reese Witherspoon

We’re so excited about this new series on The Brew. Everyone has influencers that come to mind when it comes to standing in our wardrobe selecting specific pieces among a mountain of clothes. For a classy affair Audrey Hepburn might be your accomplice? For a business interview maybe it’s killing it in a pencil skirt like Meghan Markle’s character in Suits? Perhaps if you’re contemplating what to adorn yourself in for a first date you’d equate your style to Carrie Bradshaw? We can scroll through Pinterest and instantly fill a board with different styles that tell a little more about us. Style is a language and tells more about us in a first impression than anything we say.

Whose wardrobe do you dream of playing dress up in? Your style icon is likely a cocktail of different influencers, as it should be because it’s unique to every individual. Part of finding your style comes through discovering yourself + your creativity. Although style is ever-changing, by identifying what makes you look and feel your best you will allow you to spend money on a few key staples rather than packing your wardrobe full of stuff that keeps the tags on.

We hope you enjoy this new series + enjoy exploring the wardrobes of these women as much as we have!

Style Soulmate - Reese Witherspoon

Today we’re kicking off this new series with one of our favourites. This gal is the epitome of a Southern Belle. Her style is simplistic, chic and classic. Originally from Nashville Tennessee she was raised on grace + charm. She’s an award winning actress, style icon and now holds the title of owner and CEO of Draper James, an already hugely successful brand. As Reese would say, “In the south you can never be too kind, too gracious, or too well dressed.” Her style is a very put together and tailored look, leaving her looking eloquent and sweetly approachable.

1. A denim jacket is the perfect addition to throw on over a sundress on those cool southern nights.

2. Because one of the bonuses of living in the south is that it’s almost always guaranteed sun. These oversized sunnies are the perfect solution to coverup those tired eyes or disguise yourself when nipping into the grocer pre-coffee. Because down here no one believes in strangers and let’s be honest dear, it’s the kindest way to avoid conversation.

3. A definite southern staple. Where minding your P’s and Q’s means more than just minding your manners, it mandates that you follow up every kind gesture with a handwritten thank you note, pronto. So why not make em’ pretty?

4. Another southern staple. This accessory turns your everyday wear into a classic ensemble in a jiffy. A strand of pearls is always a safe bet!

5. From Southern Magnolias to the Confederate Jasmine, floral scents cover the south. So whether you’re hosting a BBQ or attending Sunday brunch, you’ll always be safe in a classic floral skirt.

6. Because staying hydrated just got that much cuter. Do you really need a reason to add this tumbler to your daily attire? Didn’t think so.

7. You mustn’t forget your stack. These bracelets, made by proud southern hands, have fancy written all over them. They come individually sold in an array of colours to complement any wardrobe selection, you can never have too high a mountain of Bourbon and Boweties.

8. You can never go wrong with a simple + chic go-to sandal. This stacked heel gives you a little lift while still erring on the side of comfort. To complement your outfit adorn it with a simple shoe and you’ll be on your way to owning your look in a cotton pickin’ minute!

We’d love to know who you would like to see featured in the upcoming Style Soulmate series? Tell us in the comment section below.