28th August 2015

Style Soulmate | Audrey Hepburn

If there’s one thing that every wardrobe needs it’s a classic little black dress. Or as she is better known, the LBD. This is a staple that will never die out and a style that can be traced all the way back to Mrs. A.Hepburn herself.

Audrey Hepburn had that classic looked nailed down and wore it oh-so well. She floated around so effortlessly put together and was sure to always look complete from head to toe. Her elegance + beauty was perfectly complimented by her philanthropic passion to help others. A nationwide poll conducted in the UK named her the most stylish Brit of all time and she earned a place in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1961.

We like to picture her as the perfect hostess for some glam penthouse party, overlooking the big city of lights, and an invite with each and everyone one of our names on it. What a dream. Unfortunately, we’ll have to play pretend and instead opt for a lookbook of what might have been hanging in her closet today.

Let’s take a cue from the hollywood glam gal shall we?

Audrey Hepburn Style Look Book

1. Because it’s never a bad idea to have not just one, but two LBDs hanging in your closet. Something simple and minimalistic is key, that way it’s easy to dress up or down depending upon the occasion. [Psst…these are both under £20!]

2. She made us believe that a black dress perfectly paired with a multi-strand pearl necklace is how we should all prance around NYC.

3.Oversized sunnies make even the sleepiest of eyes look glam. For a splurge, try this pair by none other than Tiffany & Co. For a more budget friendly option, go for these.

4. Simple, yet classic, ballet flats were more her thing. I mean a lady as busy as she, must be able to scoot around effectively + efficiently.

5. To look stylish no matter the climate, come rain or come shine, every Hepburn-esque knows that a classic trench should always be at the ready.

6. Her style was classically simple and pairing this Brenton stripes top with some slim legged pants speak just that. [Psst…this is on major clearance]

7. These straight leg trousers paired with the Brenton stripes is the such a classic + effortless, yet still feminine, look.

8. Her eyebrows were always delicately manicured to perfection. To mimic her look try this product. Another thing that this lady taught us is that you can never go wrong with a bold lip.

Being equal parts simplistic, feminine, elegant + philanthropic is no small feat. But this style icon taught us two things, that it can be done and it’s timeless. Would you agree?

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