23rd January 2016

Snuggle up with some Weekending Reads

How on Gods green earth are we already in mid-Jan!? I’ve had a multitude of conversations where others have felt the same way. It seems as though we all went into some kind of summer slumber and woke up somewhere in 2016. Ya with me?

As 2015 came to a close I look back with a heart full of gratitude for what the last 12 months entailed. From some of the highest highs to heaps of challenges and changes – it’s been a crazy beautiful ride, and although this space hasn’t reached its peak (yet) we’re on a beautiful climb and can’t wait for what’s already in store for the year ahead. A relaunch is in our very near future including some exciting new additions that we can’t wait to reveal!

Until then, lets leave you with a little light, enlightening (if we do say so ourselves) reading material to take you into a beautiful weekend!

snuggle up

Hands up if you, too, are a fan of Costco…okay now for the best kept secret.

5 DIY hacks to instantly brighten your space.

Get effortless waves without a curling iron OR wand.

Not sure what the men will have to say about this but we think it’s genius.

Useless knowledge┬áthat you’ll thank us for. You’re welcome.

This really is a flashback Friday for ya.

She is on TV not the Supreme Court, come on America time to get clued up, k?

This deserves one long-lasting slow clap, you go girl.


Have a beautiful weekend loves!

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