1st February 2016

Showing up

We all have those days when there’s something we just can’t bear to even think about conquering. Maybe its dragging your feet out of bed on a dark Monday morning to head into your work week or maybe it’s that mid-week meeting looming over your head. Today I faced this same exact dilemma when I knew I needed to take myself to the gym but my mind was telling me no. But I pulled it together and gave myself a little pep talk and went.

Isn’t that an ever occurring battle we face in this thing called life? There are days, moments and occasions when we just don’t feel like giving it the effort. But then we do, despite the circumstance we strap on our go-get-em shoes and head into battle. It’s in those moments that everything changes, our confidence soars and we’re reminded that by just showing up we’ve already won. We’ve said yes against the odds.

show up

At the time I started writing my very first blog post I had no experience or knowledge of how any of this worked. I simply signed up to blogger, got a free hosted webpage and began an online journal to keep friends and family back home updated on my journey. My pictures weren’t finesse, my vision wasn’t clearly outlined and I had no idea what a button was. What I lacked in talent, I made up for by being genuinely me and just simply showing up.

Whatever you might be facing today remember this, you don’t have to win the race, climb the mountain or be the hero today – you just have to show up – and by doing so you’ve already conquered.

The experience will come, the confidence will build, the talent will grow – just make yourself available and see. Oh and laugh. Always make time for laughter.