23rd September 2016

Memory makin’ or rest?

Sometimes we have those weekends when memory makin’ comes easy, or the kind when rest comes in an abundance. This weekend we’re going with the latter. After looking at the diary and realizing that these next few months are going to zoom right on by, this two day break calls for some downtime. A few moments to get our ducks in a row before the craziness begins!

What about you? Anything exciting planned? If you’re like me and plan to cozy up with a PSL in hand and some good reads then this post is perfect for you.

cozy up weekend

Here’s a little weekend reading for your taking…

The world’s gone country

A new, certainly unique, bucket list item

Make a statement with these fall dresses

No thank you.

Big fan of this matchup

7 daily habits of highly productive people

Could optimism be the cause for chronic tardiness?

The best news you don’t know

Cutest thing ever or accident waiting to happen?

Katie Couric speaks to Celine Dion on love + life 

…And because we love this blogging community we’re going to highlight one of our favourite fellow bloggers at the end of our ‘weekending reads’ post every week. Today we start with the glam Emily Gemma at The Sweetest Thing blog. Em and I connected when we first started blogging and were in the midst of wedding planning. She’s syrupy sweet and if you don’t fall in love with her wardrobe (how could you not), you’re sure to fall in love with her little fur baby Fitz.

Have a great weekend xo,


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