25th February 2014

Meet my wardrobe

You’ve asked for it so today is the first of our house tour. We moved in just shy of 4 months ago so it’s nothing like complete but it is starting resemble our touch. The bare white walls are beginning to be filled with memories and the floors are starting to look a little ‘lived in’, although I slightly cringe inside at each tinsy mark because I want them to stay new, insert my mom laughing here because I was nothing like this girl when I lived at the parentals camp.  Sorry mom.

 Today I bring you my little hideaway that was created just for me. Which just so happens to be one of my favorite rooms obviously. 

Meet my wardrobe room…

meet my wardrobe


shoes galore

matching hangers

longchamo variety



favorite room

Wanna know the best part about it lovelies!? It’s Ikea!

Yes you’ve read that right, the shell is an Ikea Pax that we purchased and then hired someone to custom fit it to fill the room.

I feel so blessed that we had an extra room in the house that I could fully claim as my girlie space – hope you’ve enjoyed your ‘visit’.