22nd September 2014

Fall essentials

Have you ever walked into a store and within minutes knew you wanted to snatch up everything? I swear when I’m looking to treat myself there’s nothing that tickles my fancy, but the very moment I put myself on a spending halt, I want it all. If you haven’t concluded this already, this happened to me just the other day. Zara’s fall collection is insane and I knew if I let myself splurge I would probably feel the effects of buyers remorse later. So until I can convince myself that these items are a necessity I will day dream.

Today I’m here to share what makes my fall essentials list. Obviously my essentials might not fit your style but let this inspire you to switch it up this season + try something new. It might just open up a new realm of possibilities.

fancy finds fall

1. For those dark and cold morning a good hat will be your best friend. It can disguise those sleepy eyes while adding some sass to even the simplest of outfits.

2.. An oversized scarf will not only keep you warm and there’s really no wrong way to wear it.

3. This leather pencil skirt is perfect for work yet versatile enough to switch up for a date night.

4. Be it brown or be it black, the perfect booties can be worn with a skirt, with a pair of skinnies and even paired with a tailored pair of short + tights.

5. To finish any outfit, a waterfall coat will keep you warm, leave you looking chic and add provide some room for all of those layers.