1st March 2017

Brewing Tunes – March

In, what seems like a snap, March is here. As always, the weather seems like it’s playing catch up (cough cough, it decided to snow yesterday) but we’ve finally made it through the wintry months of Jan/Feb and I have a funny feeling that Spring will start to reveal itself sooner than later. Anyone else? Here’s to wishful thinking anyway.

…And with that, to ring in each new month we will give you a playlist to set your mood and help you tackle those to-dos. Lets be honest, this time of year we can all get caught up in the wintry blues, but this playlist should help you snap out of the rut and into the beautiful days ahead. This month’s playlist reflects the ever changing weather with a little bit of everything: some feel-goods, a few favourites, and sprinkle of pep to get you through your these next few weeks – sunshine or not.

So while it may still be cold outside, let this playlist warm your heart.

You can find The Brew on Spotify here.

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