18th July 2014

A happy woman’s necessities

This sisterhood is a beautiful thing. At a very young age we prance around in our mothers high heels, with clown-like lipstick faces, wearing and nearly tripping over a string of pearls, feeling as if we could rule the world. Then something happens and that confidence we had as a little one, shifts. We begin to over analyze, worry, and stress becomes a real and heavy burden. However, that fun loving ringlet spirit still lives within each of us. There are just some things we need to remember in order to get through life’s many challenges, obstacles, triumphs and successes with class, style, laughter and just the right dose of confidence.

It’s likely you’ll nod your pretty little head to a few and shake your finger in discord at others. And that’s okay too, after all we weren’t made identical for a reason.

A handy guide to a woman’s success;

Fresh manicure. It can be a shiny clear gloss or maybe something a little more edgy. I prefer a pale pink at the moment. Whatever the choice a fresh, no chipped, polished hand just does something for a woman’s over all look.

Tube of the perfect hue of red lipstick. You may not be a fan but let me forewarn you that there may just come a moment when you’ll need that extra bit of oomph and wish you’d had heeded my advice.

Killer pair of heels accompanied by a practical pair of flats. Let’s face it – heels to steal the show and flats to get your busy-body self quickly and effectively from one place to another.

A ‘get out of jail free card’ or better known as, your best friend. Because there will be things that happen in life that we will need “bailing” out of or at least that person who will bring the ‘bond’ in the form of plenty of ice cream tubs, a cry, a chick flick, or a shopping spree.

An anthem. That jam that you crank up a little louder. You know the one, the one that you can jump around your house alone to, the one that lifts your spirits, the one that helps you let loose and let go of every care in the world.

Sleep. I’m guilty of trying to get everything on my list done even if it means tapping into my zzz’s. However, sleep does rejuvenate our bodies and our brains and it is an important factor in preparing us for the next day. The ability to turn the lights off is a hidden treasure.

Bath time. Because sometimes we could all use a little r+r. Fill it to the brim with bubbles and take a sigh of relief.

Bucket List. Every happy and successful woman never stops dreaming.

Obviously the things that made my list will differ from yours, and it’s evident that some of these things are trivial, but this list is a compilation of some of life’s simple pleasures. These are some of the necessities that can give that extra oomph of laughter, confidence and credence.

What would your list hold?