5th March 2015

5 ways to spark creativity.

We all have days when words, opportunity and sparks of something brilliant seem to spill out over everything we touch. Those pinnacle moments when the hard work now seems so fulfilling¬†and there’s not an ounce of doubt that we’re on the brink of something great. However, with those gratifying days come times when we hit a road block, when creativity seems too far gone and we doubt if we’ve ever had a creative bone in our body. Sometimes it just takes changing our environment, or phoning a friend who is on a similar journey. Today we’re sharing 5 tips to spark creativity when you feel like you’re bumbling around with nothing left to give.

spark creativity

1. Take yourself somewhere beautiful. I used to love hopping in my little Toyota and driving myself to the beach, windows down, sun shining and armed with a good book + a selection of the latest magazines. Obviously the beach isn’t always an option so try a swanky new coffee shop or a picnic in the park. Oddly enough, the airport can be a great place to people watch and gather new ideas, perhaps even taking yourself to a lunch spot over looking a bustling city will do the trick?¬†

2. Surround yourself with other visionaries. Inspiring individuals inspire and spur on creativity. Gather a group of those that you can call on for wisdom and use as a sounding board. In those moments when you want to quit and feel like your tank is on ‘E’ these people will be the ones cheering you on and pushing you further than you thought you could go. Their ideas will be a catalyst for something that you have stirring and your projects will be a breath of fresh air for their next adventures.

3. Create. Take a break from the task at hand and do something else creative. If it’s a novel you’re trying to pen and the words just aren’t flowing, try sketching your thoughts. Maybe you’re trying to switch up your style and nothing you put together quite does the trick? Try thumbing through some magazines to get your juices flowing. If it’s a redecorating project that you’re trying to tackle, design a mood board to convert your ideas into a tangible reality.

4. Sleep on it. Rest isn’t just for beauty sleep. We aren’t the energizer bunnies, we were created with the need to stop and slow down. Sleep is a time to shut off those things that consume our minds throughout the waking hours. It’s a chance to recover and rebirth new ideas and to let those others marinate. Sometimes tuning out and shutting down does the trick and we awake renewed and ready for the next creative adventure.

5. Plan. Always have a plan. There will come a time when none of these options are possible and your creativity has a deadline. In those moments that plan will become a life saver. A good time to put a plan in place is when you’re on a creative high, when the ideas are coming in droves. Jot down your thoughts that you can come back to when your forced to create something brilliant on the spot.

Take some time to do something that makes your heart race, the endorphins flow and that brings a smile – we are sure to find inspiration when we are most refreshed.

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