16th July 2014

What’s in my bag.

Amidst doing the daunting purse transition that happens every-so-often around these parts I decided why not reveal what lives inside my Mary Poppins-like bag.

And because who can resist a good deal you should know that this bag was basically a steal. I picked up this lovely boho from Banana Republic for a whopping $40 down from $110 originally. You can find a similar design here.

what's in my bag

So what’s in the gem?

1. Rosebud Lip Balm. I swear by it and have for years, upon years. It’s the best thing since, well, since sliced bread high speed internet. Get yourself some and you’ll soon see why.

2. A pound coin, and yes, this is more relevant than meets the eye and serves two prime purposes. It lets me get a trolley (shopping buggy) from the supermarket (grocery store) and bonus, it buys me my morning fuel. That’s right English peeps turn your pretty little ears eyes this way. This one gold coin can get you a Carluccio’s Americano/Latte/Cappuccino – bargain. Sorry Sbux, budgeting wins this time. This morning go-to is worth every pretty pence. Pun intended.

3. Max Studio Fix. It’s a staple. Even though my foundation may change from time to time this guy is a constant. I keep it as my emergency powder fix and it’s never failed me.

4. Notebook. As I’ve mentioned before this is a necessity. There’s just something about jotting my thoughts down on a blank canvas that makes me tick.

5. iPhone/iPad aka the thing keeps me connected, captures memories and keeps a hold of everything from contacts, to-do lists and all of my social sites.

6. Water. Because staying hydrated is always a priority. Although this is the thing that breaks my back because somehow more bottles than one sneak their way in.

7. Faux glasses. Yes, secrets out. Although I have an actual reading pair, more times than not I use these to creatively disguise tired eyes and long nights. Sometimes it works, sometimes.

8. Stationary. There’s something beautiful about a handwritten note. Sometimes it’s to say thanks, sometimes to say hello but a pen to paper letter always says ‘I care’. So whenever I have an opportune moment to scribble my thoughts these pieces of art come in handy.

9. Lip stick. The Audrey Hepburn-esque comes alive in me when I dabble on the red and the fun loving bubbly comes out when I dot on the pretty-in-pink. Lipstick can change a mood, an outfit and can give you that confidence boost to walk into the room, steal the show and, conquer the day.

10. Unlimited supply of pens. To jot down those notes, thoughts and dreams. You just never know when the moment is going to strike.

11. Almonds. The perfect pick-me-up. It seems like I’m on-the-go more times than not and these nuggets have kept me from becoming that ‘hungry’ person a time or two.

12. Umbrella. Because around here it can start to drizzle at a moments notice. If I’ve learned one thing from living here it’s to never ever get caught without a ‘brolly’.

13. Sunglasses. because squinting isn’t attractive and can cause wrinkles. Prevention is key.

14. Gum. Because nobody want’s to be distracted by the bad breath. And my said coffee addiction doesn’t smell as nice once it’s been consumed.

15. Keys. Without them I can’t get from point A to point B or let myself in to the chateau. Bare necessity.

16. Wallet. Although some things, and sometimes the best things, in life are free. Let’s face it, some things aren’t.

And that’s, that ladies. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak into my sanctuary. Feel free to show us inside yours + link up below.