2nd January 2015

An editor’s note for the New Year

new year note

Ahh a blank canvas. A brand new start. Endless possibilities. Hello 2015 and sweet greetings to this new year filled with boundless opportunity. There’s something so invigorating about an empty calendar waiting to carefully  + strategically be penned with exciting ideas and moments that will shape the future. Would you agree?

So now that 2015 is here I find myself with the same expression and thoughts I had at this time last year, astonished that another year has rolled around so swiftly, and equally as taken back at how grateful I am for another year full of exciting opportunity. It seems like only yesterday I was in the design stages of this hub that was once only a dream, and now known to you as The Brew.

The overwhelming love + support from each of you means the world I can hardly wait for what lies ahead. This year you can expect the same exhilarating Be Inspired features with some of the captivating dreamers, alluring individuals and those creating something beautiful in our world. We’ll also be sharing some of our favorite ways to entertain + decorate, our favored places to travel in our Getaway Guides and will continue to share our flavorful style selections, tips and advice.

My goal is to continue to make this a destination a reflection of my thoughts, journey, ethos, favorites, faith and the dreamer within me, packed full of information to inspire, empower and encourage the beautiful visionary within each of you. Cheers to a gorgeous start to 2015.

While you’re planning your heart away today and basking in the renewed energy that a New Year brings, here are some articles to see you through the weekend and inspire your 2015 hit list.

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And so my reading material will consist of this to kick-start all of the things bubbling up inside me for this year. Want to join?

Just because the holidays are winding down doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in those warm festive favorites a little longer.

new year editor's note

Cheers to a new year + endless limits for each of you. You must start now, there truly isn’t a better time. Go!