23rd January 2015

Snowed in & cozied up, Weekending Reads

cozy up

Winter is definitely still in the air around here, with sporadic snow falls and more on the forecast, you could say we’ve been walking in a winter wonderland. You won’t find me complaining, if I could get paid to sit and watch the snow fall slowly from the sky, I’d be a millionaire by now – it’s just beautiful. This Floridian is still very much in the honeymoon phase with this white stuff while others are counting down the minutes until the days become longer. Call me crazy but it’s so peaceful, and lends itself to the perfect excuse to crank up the fire and curl up with a good book or, in this case, a good few readings from the last week.

If’ you’ve chosen the latter then grab that cup of joe, glass of wine, or mug of hot cocoa and settle in with some of the fab things that caught our eye this week.

A delicious and GF dessert to tempt your taste buds this weekend.

Ever wonder how the creative Ashley Brooke gets inspired? We have the answer.

Did you know there are a few exercises to help you walk more effortlessly in your favorite stilettos? Your welcome.

Planning to do a closet clean out this weekend? Here are a few tips to get you going.

Need some office space inspiration? Look no further than this. [Swooning]

Green with envy, or should we say, red with envy? Now if only this goodness could swim its way to the UK.

Thinking about launching a business idea that’s been bubbling up or beginning a new venture? Here are 4 mistakes to avoid.

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Cheers to a beautiful weekend!