22nd September 2014

Weekending Reads

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Stepping into this weekend excited about getting together with a great group of gal pals and soaking up some much needed time with my better half. I have a few recommended readings to keep you busy if you’re sitting poolside (lucky you) or cozied by the fire with your feet kicked up in complete relaxation (again, lucky you). 

Did you celebrate National Guacamole Day. I, for one, surely did and I ate way too much of this deliciousness

The perfect handy guide to the appropriate serving sizes for your next dinner party. 

Step into NYC for a moment while my friend gives us a little encouragement to stay on course. 

This gorgeous desk space inspiration is everything. It may have been enough to nudge me to complete my creative space sooner than later.

Green apple jalapeño lemonade sounds like something you might be asked to drink for a dare, but this recipe might have you thinking a little different. 

Psst. Banana Republic is tempting me with this 40% off fall sale. …You know you want to. 

Better together, the United Kingdom remains. But did you know that we can thank the Scots for the indoor toilet? Yep, that and more. 

Ever feel like you wish you would’ve appreciated the recommended reading more in school? Here’s a list of the 10 most unforgettable books. I may just set myself a challenge to get through them all at some point or another… without the cliff notes. Yep, that was me. 

Hands up if, you too, are a fan of sushi? Eat your heart out with this sushi review. 

I’ll leave you with this, some tunes to keep you bopping this weekend if you are one of those who has to do a little weekend tidying. 

Oh and this, if you’re one of those in the US of A you can take yourself down to your local Sbux and get a bogo holiday drink of your choice. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a BFF catch up to me, if only. 

Happy week-ending!