14th February 2017

Be the voice of love

Originally published 23RD June 2016

It amazes me how much hate is spoken throughout our world. Behind the screens of computers, behind senseless acts of violence, through harsh accusations and assumptions, by the politicians, the bullies and, dare I say, each and everyone of us. Each of us are human, we’re flawed individuals. We were born into a hateful and sin-filled world. But what we were also given, is a choice.

I’ve always been taught to always think that others have the purest intentions and not to assume that they mean harm. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that some of these acts are done out of a lack of confidence, arguments are made because of fear, hateful words are spoken from a place of deep insecurities, sometimes the hate even comes from how we were raised and the ideologies that we were taught. Even the most unthinkable and inexcusable acts are born from somewhere.

The single, one thing, that we can do to stamp out this hate is to speak love. It’s not enough to just choose love or speak love, but be the love. To face every discussion, decision, dilemma, circumstance and individual with a sacrificial love for our brothers + sisters. At the end of the day we were all created from the same dust, created with equal attention, and with a unique and special purpose.

We’ve seen it so many times throughout history. The people who stood up and marched for women’s rights. Those who sacrificed their very lives to stamp out slavery once and for all. Those who didn’t think twice before heading into the smoke, flames and fires to rescue strangers from the two burning buildings collapsing before the eyes of the entire world. Those in the nightclub who escaped unscathed and then turned back to help a hurting brother. Those who queued in the hot Florida sun for hours to give blood when there was an urgent need.

It’s often when the world is facing unthinkable + pivotal moments that people are at their best. With every tragedy, the heroic stories emerge to remind us that there is still good. Evidence that there’s still more good than bad. Those are the examples that unite us together and tighten our grip.

Be the love

Today as we put the horrendous attacks of terror and violence behind us while remembering and honoring the innocent lives taken from us. And on a such a monumental day here in the UK, may we remember to always choose love. And be love. Despite what might happen, what a ballot + people decide, despite the trajectory of the country we live in – may we always love.