23rd September 2015

Turning guilt into gratitude

As I boarded the non-stop flight from NYC to Florida I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, but it’s not always this way. To some it might seem like I’ve got everything together and life seems pretty good, and I’ll admit that at this moment in time life is good. But those good days are met with days when I feel overwhelmingly guilty that I don’t still have a 9-5 that brings home a steady paycheck. It’s those days that I feel like throwing in the towel and heading back into the corporate world for no other reason than to feel validated. Then there are moments like yesterday, as I walked on to my flight with a full heart and that guilt melted into gratitude. I’m so grateful for a loving hardworking husband that has a job which allows me the opportunity to pursue my passions, freedom to devote time into community + friendships and air miles to visit those who I love so dearly.

gratitude over guilt 2

Life gives us so many reasons to turn blessings into shame. Sometimes I deeply struggle with thanking the Lord for the things I’ve been blessed with while in a short breath after praying for those friends + strangers who are hurting across the world. I still haven’t figured out the balance but I’m slowly coming to learn this, this world is full of pain. Suffering is a given. We will face adversity that becomes real to us at some point in our lives. But in those moments when we feel like we’re on a mountain top we need to use that as a time to be a blessing to others. (Click to tweet)

My encouragement to you today is to take a moment to worry less, be grateful more and pass the joy on to others. (Click to tweet) The joy we find in blessings should be passed on to others.