27th October 2014

Travel talk with Kendra Thornton

This world is sprinkled with so many diverse places, different cultures, people to learn from, breathtaking landscapes to explore and so many memories waiting to be unearthed. Some might say that half of the battle is knowing where to begin, knowing a few of the ins and outs might be enough to inspire those teetering on the ‘do we/don’t we’ cliff to finally take the plunge.

Today’s ‘Be Inspired’ Q+A is from one who’s done her fair share of jet-setting. Kendra Thornton has been packing her bags and traveling the world since she visited the Bahamas at 3 months old. This beautiful blonde runs a PR company, acts as a travel advocate and a TV spokesperson. She appears across national television to offer travel tips + advice and is here today on The Brew to share with us some of those useful tips and a little sneak peek into her life as TV personality and globe trotter.

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Kendra Thronton Q+A