24th August 2015

The comparison game is a losing battle

With Instagram, glossy magazine covers and media everywhere we look, it’s hard to keep from sizing ourselves up against another. In our web 2.0 world it’s never been more easy to slip into the mindset that you, me, we, just aren’t ‘good enough’. We see others achieving more, exploring more, and even dreaming more, and it’s enough to wear even the toughest go-getter, flat-out. The thing is when we begin to compare ourselves to the things that seem perfect we give insecurities, fear and emotions the stronghold over our lives. Let’s be honest, the world can be a mean place, but sadly we tend to be even meaner to ourselves than the world ever could. Our own words + lack of confidence tend to sting far more and leave a far greater impact than something a stranger could ever say. Comparison causes us to pick ourselves apart next to someone we’ve put up on a pedestal and deemed as perfect. When in fact they aren’t. Nobody is. We all struggle. We do. [Click to tweet]

wall of mirrors

So why not look the mirror in the eye and tell yourself the truth. The truth that you were created to be free from the chains of people telling you – you can’t, you won’t or you shouldn’t. You were created to live free from self-destruction and were created to be something uniquely, powerfully, brilliant. [Click to tweet] You are worthwhile. Perfection is a lie.

It’s about looking today square in the eye and telling your reflection in the mirror that she’s doing a pretty amazing job. She’s choosing to get out of bed, she’s choosing to love and she’s choosing to learn from her mistakes. More so, she’s choosing to leave the past behind her and letting those things she sees as obstacles + lost opportunities as tools to propel her forward!

T.Swift sums it up pretty powerfully here.

Go get em’. We’re cheering you on!

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