22nd October 2014

Tips for boosting your energy + tackling your to-do list

We’ve all been there, we have a to-do list that looks like an endless ream of priorities vying for our attention with what seems like no finish line in sight. We keep pushing harder + racing faster week upon week to keep up, yet still can’t seem to glide our pens through each and every last item in our catalogue of tasks.

Today I’m sharing 5 simple tips that will hopefully inspire you to not just get up + make it through the week by the skin of your teeth with baggy eyelids in tote. But rather some tricks to help you soar through the week like the beautiful confident you that you were created to be and with enough energy come weekend to celebrate your accomplishments.

It may sound simple enough, but like anything else we strive to improve, this mindset takes practice too. Believe me when I say, this is a work in progress for myself as well. It’s taking each morning, each day, each week and the months to come, one at a time with the intention to make the next more beautiful + graceful than the last.