24th July 2015

Say What!?

Punch┬áthat timecard, cue the jams + throw on that red lip classic thing because it’s time to celebrate the weekend’s arrival. Sure we get one of these every five days but muttering the TGIF acronym never tastes less sweet. Ya with me?

So whatever goodness you’re getting up to or into this weekend, make it count. If you’re catching up with friends, hang on to every little word that’s spoken. If you’re enjoying a simplistic + low key agenda, take in every moment. Getting in some R&R? Rest well. Rumor has it that no two weekend breaks will be the same and – news alert – we won’t get em’ back.


Other than basking in the gloriousness of the weekend, read some of the newsworthy moments that have made us murmur the words, “say whattt”, more than once this week…

T.Swift, everyone’s BFF, has launched a clothing line!? Yep, you heard that right.

Move over Black Friday, Prime Day has taken the reigns.

Welcome to the Space Jam…number dos!? Staring Lebron? Maybe so. Will the 90s craze be a slam dunk to this generation? I guess we have to wait and see.

If that’s not TBT enough guess what else is making a comeback!? Limited Too, and all of the millennial mommas sigh with a sweet remembrance.

Cancel the sushi date this weekend, stat, better safe than sorry.

Other than that, clink your glasses to a great weekend ahead!