1st October 2015

Steps to propel you forward.

Picture this, you’re smack dab in the middle of a hectic week or at the end of a hard season that seemingly feels like a hard up hill battle. We’ve all been there, but isn’t it good to hear that you most definitely aren’t alone? Maybe the circumstance is simply this, you’ve set a mile long list of goals with an enthusiastic fervor at the start of the year and now you can’t seem to recall a single one. Better yet, you’ve recently taken a plunge into an exciting new chapter only to feel like that creativity plug has now been pulled and fear is settling in fast. Do any of these scenarios sound the slightest bit familiar to you?

Let me tell you, I’ve been there. We all have. There are times when we feel like throwing our hands up and waving goodbye to that dream. So when these moments happen and doubt sets in, what’s one to do…?

steps to propel you forward

One: Just begin. Small steps create big movement so by starting with even the smallest things you’ve already conquered the biggest hurdle which is simply this, beginning. I remember when I was preparing myself to move across the ocean to England I had a million things to get done but I was frozen and overwhelmed with emotion that it took me forever to just begin something, anything, that would mean it would get me closer to my next dream + move. After I began to do the little things all of the others came so much easier.

Two: Self motivation. It’s easy to make excuses when things don’t seem easy. It’s even easier to wait for someone else to encourage or motivate you, but the one thing we all have created within us is passion. We just have to find it and use it! While other mentors + cheerleaders are a great asset they won’t always be there when push come to shove so you must find the passion + self motivation within to keep you going. Remember the “why” behind your “what” and use it to keep you going. (Click to tweet) Knowing that the spirit within can change the circumstance throughout. Hearing the little voice inside saying you can when the world says you can’t. Not just hearing but listening. To continue the fight until you reach your dream.

Three: Jot it down. Making a to-do list is essential…even if you aren’t necessarily a list person. The key is to prioritize the most important and crucial things first, as soon as you can physically tick them off of your list you’ll feel more accomplished and it will be physical evidence that you can see inching you forward. 

Four: Tell fear to step aside. Fear is one of the biggest hinderance when it comes to conquering goals, or even attempting them. Look fear in the eye and then set it aside and push towards what you know you are called to do. (Click to tweet)

Five: Make time for dreaming. Set aside time to dream and be creative. Remember that reading + soaking up information and using time to brainstorm what’s in your heart and on your mind, is not time wasted.

keep dreaming

Make today one of those days that you realize YOU are the person that can change the circumstance. You are the one who can make a difference AND will. This adventure we call life just keeps getting crazier, but if life were easy, it would be boring. Adventures grow us, stretch us, challenge us, strengthen us and make us better.

What’s bubbling up in your heart today? Is there a dream or goal that we can encourage you on!? Let us know in the comment section below.