30th December 2014

Hosting a picture perfect NYE affair

No need to feel the post-Christmas blues when the New Year celebrations are knocking at the door. This time of year is packed full of festive fun from annual traditions to parties galore. NYE is a night to reflect on a year of memories, trials and triumphs, a chance to relish in 365 brand new days full of potential and opportunity.

If you’re one of those braving the role of hostess it’s best to be prepared to eliminate any stress deterring you from the fun ahead. Today we have the creators of Double Vision to share a few tips on how to create the picture perfect dinner party.

Theme or no theme?

We think that having a theme is always an enjoyable idea for a dinner party as it adds excitement to your evening. Plus it helps you, the host, to plan your décor and helps to set the tone and pin down a dress code for the affair. It can sometimes be difficult for guests to gage how smart to dress so if it’s determined beforehand it eliminates the headache of what to wear, I mean there is nothing more awkward that turning up in trainers to a black tie dinner party!


Décor can be easily decided once you have established your theme. If you find it hard to pick a particular style you could always use seasonal items to help decorate the table. Flowers are always a good choice for a centre piece, however don’t be afraid to be more creative and adventurous, different is welcome – especially on a NYE engagement.


Make sure you have a great playlist as this helps to set the mood of your dinner party and keeps it relaxed. The best type of music for these settings is light, fun and great background music whilst eating and engaging in conversation with people. However be sure that the music is at a good volume, you do not want conversations around the table to be drowned by the music.


If you are cooking the food for your guests, it is probably best to stick with what you know. Practice preparing them and how you will present them before the evening. This is always a good idea as the cooking process won’t be as stressful and you will be confident in how your food will taste and look on the plate. Often, presentation speaks volumes and can often help accentuate the decor. If you do want to try a new dish to impress your guests then make sure you put in good practice before or have a back- up plan just in case.

Have Fun!

Ultimately every host/hostess hopes they set an atmosphere for their guests to create a memorable event filled with an abundance of fun and laughter . Make sure to create a night that you know you will enjoy. Your mood as the host, will affect the atmosphere so make sure that you get chance to sit, chat and laugh with your guests + loved ones.

We hope these tips are helpful for creating your fabulous dinner party.

Cheers to an evening filled with sparkle and a charming start to 2015! Be sure to stop by on Friday for a glimpse of what’s in store on TheBrew for the new year!

Photo credit

Tips : Abby + Lauren Moffat of Double Vision events.