17th November 2014

Pack like pro

Perhaps you’re heading to see your best gal pals for a weekend away, or maybe you’ve been told by your better half that he’s whisking you away on some kind of three day fairy tale adventure? Excitement is at its prime but the question still lingers, what in the world do you pack?

The passports are still valid and tucked away, travel-sized toiletries have been purchased and camera batteries are charged, but actually packing your suitcase still remains the priority on your check list.

Today, as I prep myself for a winter getaway, we’re sharing some things to remember when heading for the cityscape adventure.

Carry on essentials. The luggage that you take with you on flight is an important aspect to your travels. Flying at high altitudes can dehydrate you, leaving you feeling overly fatigued and aiding in the severity of jet-lag, however there are a few essentials to see you through inflight and post flight mode flawlessly. The most important essential isn’t, in fact, the reading material, it’s actually the H2O. Although, let’s be honest, those magazines are a close second. Make sure to sip your water and keep hydrated while cruising the clouds. When you have those items ticked off next consider a can of misting spray, lotion OR a salve that can dub as both a lip moisturizer + lotion. Be sure to pack a heap of low sodium snacks and those with antioxidants to aid in overcoming the jet-lag. To make the flight comfortable bring a wrap, poncho or chunky scarf to snuggle up with and an eye mask if you’re hoping for a little shut-eye.  Make sure you have a pen to fill out customs forms, journal, and jot down those creative thoughts that traveling can bring. Lastly, pack the fiber, traveling can do strange things to your digestive system.

 Clothing essentials. The over packing syndrome is a serious problem around here, but for a short cityscape carrying a lighter load makes the traveling a little more easy. To do this pack a chic jacket, one that can dress up any ordinary tee + jeans kind of outfit. Take the comfortable shoes for the endless amounts of walking AND heels for a night out. Accesorizing becomes your best friend and will easily transition most outfits from day wear to-night wear. Finally, always think in layers. This will allow you the option to be versatile and switch up your outfit combos.

 Leave behind. What to leave behind. Lets be honest, if we could cram it all in, most of us would pack the whole wardrobe. However, when space is limited there are a few items you can typically get away with leaving behind. The blow dryer – most hotels have this available to you and chances are you could blow it up anyway if it’s the wrong voltage. If you aren’t sure ring the hotel and they can assure you. Sometimes you can also get away with leaving behind the wall plug to your iPhone charger. The TVs in most hotel rooms have a USB port that you can use to charge your iPhone or device by just using the connecting cable. It’s also safe to assume that if you’re traveling from European cities to the States things will probably be cheaper abroad. Leave the last bit of that foundation behind and snag up a brand new one at your destination.

 Tips to get the most out of your luggage. This can also be known as the ‘lets see how much we can cram’ method. You’ve surely heard this one before, but always roll clothes. Space saving with this trick will leave you with more room in your case to pack those extra pair of heels + jacket. Another way to save space is by wearing your chunkier clothes on the plane. I usually carry my coat or loop it through my carry on, wear my boots, and bring a comfy pair of socks + pack a scarf or poncho. Sure it might serve as a little inconvenience when undressing for security, but if saving space is a priority for you then this will help you save that coveted room in your case.

Most importantly pack your patience and your smile. You’re jetting away on holiday after all so, life is good. Before you know it you’ll be making memories and having a grand time. As Brad Pitt once said, “Travel is the best education there is. Try to really take the opportunity to enjoy every new experience, there’s so much adventure that awaits you.