16th December 2014

Meet the designer : Joyce Young

Our world is filled with captivating creatives + passionate people believing in their dreams and those brave enough to make them happen. Often their names may not be instantly familiar but none-the-less they are making footprints in our world. On Today’s Be Inspired feature it is our pleasure to introduce you to a woman with a craft that ensures people look their most confident and composed for the biggest milestones in their lives. Be it weddings, MOB moments, award ceremonies or an elegant evening affair – Joyce Young is dressing some of the best for the most memorable occasions.

This talented designer is here today to share some tips for the entrepreneur, her personal experience of building a brand, advice for the bride-to-be and those on the verge of fulfilling their own dreams.

Joyce Young

Joyce Young interviewPremier of the Animals

joyce young

Originally from Scotland, with a store front and footprint now in London – the home to some of the most luxurious brands, this brand is positioned for continued success. So if you’re looking for that perfect dress and find yourself in the big smoke, stop by this lovely shop and begin to select your dream look.