1st October 2014

Sharing 5 morning beauty rituals

Good morning beautiful one. Yes you. Although Hollywood would have us believe that there are actually people who roll out of bed screen-ready, we all know that’s just not the case. The secret behind every woman is her morning beauty ritual. We all have them. So today I’m here to let you in on mine. Some of these tricks-of-the-trade have been a habit for years and others I have adopted along the way. After you read mine I’ d be ever-so interested to learn yours because, well, sharing is caring after all.

1. Never under estimate the power of good eye cream. Nobody likes dark circles, bags and dare we say wrinkles. Gasp. Our eyes can be our greatest feature or the first evidence of lack of sleep. Eye cream will help minimize all of the above. I make sure to do this twice a day but if nothing else, definitely apply it in the morning under my makeup. My favorite as of late is RoC Retinol Correxion Cream. I think it’s certainly helped my cause and I love how easily it rubs in.

2. Concealer and mascara make the perfect pair. Match made in makeup heaven. This heaven sent duo helps even the tired-est of eyes pop. My go-to is Laura Mercier concealer, again, praising the makeup goddesses, and my plain-Jane always trusty Maybelline Mascara. The concealer is at a high-end price but let me tell you that it’s worth every drop. The mascara is a drug store brand and in my opinion the best mascara there is. I’ve tried my fair share and I always come crawling back to this beauty.

3. Coconut oil. You’ve seen, read about it and maybe even tried it. I’m here to say it’s working for me. If you haven’t heard of oil pulling before get the lo-down here. I’ve seen a difference in the shade of my teeth, I’ve noticed a freshness of breath and clearer skin. It’s also helped me clear congestion. I say give it a go if you haven’t jumped on the band wagon all ready. Personally it’s lived up to the hype. I do it while showering and getting ready.

4. Say yes to hot water and lemon. If you’re crunched for time and can’t wait for the kettle to brew still choose to guzzle some H2o. It’s the best way to start your day and wakes up your digestive system and, bonus, easiest metabolism booster there is.

5. Make moisturizer your best friend. So thankful that I was taught the importance of moisturizer at a young age because it is your best ally to minimizing wrinkles and keeping your skin fresh-faced. You can thank me when you’re still getting ID’d at 50.

6. Coffee and lots of it. Every woman’s super power comes in this form – take it from me. Plus who could resist the smell of freshly brewed coffee? I, for one, am a complete sucker.

Oh and don’t forget to throw on a smile. It’s a free accessory after all. And there ya have it – my secrets are out. Your turn – any morning rituals from your black book?

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