22nd May 2014

Ladylike rules

They can come from our Momma’s, society, or bundled up in Emily Post’s etiquette bible, but after traveling the world a little more + opening myself up to different cultures I quickly realized that not every individual lives by the same code. And that slurping the last sip of sweet tea isn’t actually frowned upon by all. In fact, some don’t even know what sweet tea is (gasp). That’s basically a sin.

Maybe it’s because I was brought up Southern, perhaps it’s because my Momma wanted me to always mind my Ps & Qs (I had to use Google, in context I knew what it meant but I never knew what it stood for) whatever the case I have these ladylike rules ingrained in my head and I often have to remind myself that through culture barriers + different backgrounds and personalities not everyone follows suit. I’m interested to see what yours might be because I’m sure no two list will be exactly the same.

ladylike rules


My little rule book reads like this…

Always say please and thank you. It’s just polite. It’s embedded in me.

As is yes ma’am/no ma’am + yes sir/no sir when addressing my elders.

Don’t chomp your gum & chew with your mouth closed. Please and thank you.

Never ever wear white to a wedding. I thought this was a given, anyone else with me?? Lately it seems there’s been a shift? I’d say steer clear and leave the white to the bride there are plenty of other colors in the rainbow dear.

Look people in the eye. People like to feel important and respected.

It’s never acceptable to double dip. Seriously y’all I cringe but around here I’m pretty sure it’s deemed acceptable. Not in the Illy household of course. It’s just weird. I’m not kissing you so I don’t want your saliva germs. K?

Always politely let someone know when there’s food lodged in their teeth, chances are they aren’t saving it for later.

Giving up is losing. By pressing on you’ve already won. Love that reminder.

Firm handshake sets the tone so it’s always a go.

A ‘Thank You’ note is better than an email and speaks volumes, as does snail mail.

And that slurping thing I mentioned before? It’s still a no-go.

These are my cardinal rules. Lets hear yours…?