3rd November 2014

Be Inspired with Kat Harris

Have you ever met someone and wondered if they have the same amount of hours in their day as you do? Well today’s post is about one of those, a woman who tackles this life in full throttle.  She’s a photographer in the big city by day and editor at the The Refined Woman. Her creativity and passion for life is the kind that’s ever-so contagious. She’s determined, sweet as pie and every bit of gorgeous.  Her sweet southern spirit lives on in the bright lights of NYC where she’s living out her passion for photography, grabbing life by the reigns + living to the absolute fullest.

kat harris be inspired

Brooklyn-based lifestyle + editorial photographer and blogger, Kat Harris, wears many hats. She captures some of life’s most beautiful + intimate moments and she can throw a party fit for the best. You may have seen her work in Glamour UK, Darling Magazine, Steve Madden, Dujour and The Knot Magazine. 

kat harris

Today she’s sharing a little more about her life behind the lens and how she fits it all in.

Be Inspired Kat Harris

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