Weekending Readings

11th September 2015

Never forget

I can still recall exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment that our country was forever changed. As I stood in disbelief watching the towers crumble my heart was hurting.… Read the rest

14th August 2015

Happy Relaxation

A la weekend, time to let down your hair, toss on your Pjs and de-stress from the week gone by. This weekend more than others, because since there’s pretty much a holiday to claim everyday in the diary, this is one we welcome with arms wide open.Read the rest

24th July 2015

Say What!?

Punch┬áthat timecard, cue the jams + throw on that red lip classic thing because it’s time to celebrate the weekend’s arrival. Sure we get one of these every five days but muttering the TGIF acronym never tastes less sweet.… Read the rest