8th August 2014

Hostess with the Mostess

Some weekends are ordinary, although lately those have been few and far between, and some weekends add a little bump in the road. You see as believers we need those mountain top experiences to fall back on when the world has us feeling like we are in the center of a boxing ring. This weekend God spoke so clearly to my heart and if you will allow me I’d like to share some of this journey with you.

hostess gift guide

1. Flowers. This isn’t necessarily your dash to the closest grocery store and grab the bundle that looks furthest from dying suggestion, although I’m guilty of that in those moments of lack of time and lack of planning, and that’s okay too. However,  it’s an opportunity to throw in a dash a personality so opt for the florist, or better yet, the outdoor market. Start with choosing a color palate, wrap a bundle of your liking with some brown paper and adorn with some burlap ribbon and a bow. You could also select an arrangement and cut them down and position them in a mason jar with a bow around the lip, chic and easy. If you’re budget conscious you can even take a selection from your own garden or opt for a bundle of baby’s breath, both of which speak consideration and thoughtfulness.

2. Bubbly. Again, if time isn’t on your side you could dash to the store and grab whatever catches your eye OR you could add a little touch. I think it’s important to consider your company. If you’re guest are more likely to use the champers as a filler for their wine rack then maybe it’s better to bring a bottle of something more suitable. Perhaps a bottle of nice fizzy elderflower lemonade? Find something unique that they might not choose themselves and maybe they’ll find a new favorite. Going to an outdoor BBQ? In this case consider the environment, maybe a better choice on this occasion is something like a Pimms in a can – easy to enjoy right away + refreshing.

3. A selection of cheeses. Whether you head to your local farm shop or choose your closest grocery store, both are sure to have a variety of cheeses. This is a gift that can be used after dinner or saved for later. To add an extra touch pick up a wooden slate to arrange your selection on, it’s sure to be a hit. (I’ve snagged these at TJ Maxx before) There will surely be something for everyone so it’s hard to go too far wrong. Unless they are vegan or diary free in which case, stick with one of the others.

4. Jar of sweets. I’m a slight sucker for packaging, possibly more so than what’s inside. A simple and cost effective gift could be a jar of the hostess’s favorite sweets. If you aren’t sure what their favorite sweet treat is chocolate is always a safe bet, it’s guaranteed someone in the house will devour it. You can find more of these here + here.

5. Coffee.  Why not give something that you would be happy to receive? In my case it’s coffee, my vice. Consider what it is that you just love + share that with the hostess. If it’s someone you don’t know that well this could serve as a conversation piece and who knows maybe your favorite will become theirs. Package your gift well and it makes the perfect ‘thank you’.

I love gift giving so for me this is the perfect excuse to share a little love. Obviously the selection above is just a starter for ten. At the end of the day the most important thing is having friends together but a thoughtful something just gives that extra nod of thankfulness for the event, the food and the effort that it takes to host a party. You don’t have to break the bank to show your utmost appreciation – the thought speaks for itself.

What are some of your hostess gift ideas? Do share.