6th March 2015

Here’s to the weekend

weekending reads

Why hello March how glorious it is to see you and those lovely daffodils popping up along the roadside. I’m sure we’ve said this before but could it be that spring really is just around the corner? This weekend I’ll be packing up the boots, the denim, a little broderie anglaise and an added dose of excitement as we head down to London for a little country music. There’s something special about finding snippets from ‘home’ on this side of the pond, anyone with me? So to say I’m a little giddy might be an understatement.

It’s so refreshing when you finally feel a peace about the place you now call home. But it’s even better when something comes to remind you, and assure you, that the place that built you will always remain a part of who you are. That it’s not about replacing, instead these adventures are adding to your character and story.

Here’s to wishing you a weekend filled with a few morsels to remind you why you appreciate the place you live. The place you are called to be. Homesickness is a real thing, but we’ve got to combat that with the purpose. We’re each called to sprinkle the uniqueness of ourselves over different places around the world. One of the most gratifying aspects is that the place you’re in, right now, would not be the same without you in it. It couldn’t be. You bring a light + personality that no one else could. Be the best you can be, wherever you are, because someone in your community needs you to show up. They need your laughter and your love.

If you have some time to inhale a moment of downtime this weekend, here are some of our favorites from around the web.

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Who else feels like they’ve been taken back to their childhood days with the announcement of the next string of Disney movies?

We were resisting the Girl Scout cookie season until they went and created this.

What kind of texter are you?

This Sunday is International Women’s Day. Read about some of the inspiring women we’ve had the honour of featuring on The Brew – here. Caution, their fervour for life is contagious. 

And in case you missed the news, we’ve added a new face to the team!

Have a weekend filled with beautiful reminders that you’re exactly where you were positioned to be, it’s here where you will flourish.