16th December 2015

Gift guide for her

Is it really any secret that our fellas (typically) have a wave of panic flush over them this time of year when they quickly realise that there’s little time left to surprise us with the perfect gift? I think not. So we’re here today to share some of our favourites to help inspire the men and, with a little flick of an email you could easily just pop this blog in his browser for a little dose of inspiration.

Here’s part one of our 2015 gift guide for her…

Gift guide for her

ONE || Because every lady needs her diary right at her finger tips, and if you’re anything like us, nothing can ever replace pencilling in all of the important dates throughout the year. Agree?

TWO || They say warm feet mean a warm heart, there’s no doubt her heart will be just as happy if she finds these comfy slippers under the tree.

THREE || A monthly subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Birchbox will be a welcome gift for your special lady and one that will continue to be a surprise every month that it comes in the mail. Every month the box will be filled with new goodies from the best of the high-street make-up and beauty lines.

FOUR || This cosmetic pouch is perfect for the busy bee that she is. It’s big enough to hold all of her necessities and small enough to slip into her tote.

FIVE || A great gift to help kick start a productive new year. If finding balance is the key to happiness, then in our web 2.0 world we’re sure to benefit from this insightful read.

SIX || Because our ears can’t get enough, and on a vinyl it is sure to sound that much sweeter.

SEVEN || Who’s says a ladies best friend just has to come in the form of diamonds? This product may not have any real gem stones but it’s sure not lacking any pizzaz.

EIGHT || Perhaps it’s where you met, where you married or where you dream of escaping to? Whatever the case these foiled prints from Minted are golden (literally). Best yet? They’re highly unlikely to clash with most decor, but best check to be on the safe side.

NINE || From caffeinating it hydrating – this makes the perfect gift for the gal on the go. She’ll keep her spirits high and her trendworthyness on point.

TEN || Playing it safe? This is a gift she’s sure to love. To add that special touch it also has a dainty monogram.


Photo credit: The Brew and link