16th January 2015

Spruce up in style

Whoever suggested that a good clean sweep needs to wait until spring, never experienced the January craving to purge. The beginning of a new year creates a clean canvas for a variety of everyday commodities; the calendar is filled with blank, white + crisp pages, new goals are being carefully penned and priorities are being realigned. What a better time than now to do a little de-cluttering of those unnecessary items consuming space, to create that same fresh vibe throughout your home. They say a cluttered mind leaves little room for creativity, and nobody wants that.

Today’s Fancy Find selections are to inspire that clearing out, sorting through and sprucing up of the old, to make room for and welcome in the new, in the chicest way possible of course. For all of those items that you can’t bear to part from, for those piles of leftover wrapping paper, stacks of cards from friends + family and other miscellaneous keepsakes, there’s something here for you.

spruce up fancy find

One: These stackable glass jars can be used to hold a combination of various items, from nail polish + bracelets to pasta varieties, and will add stylish flair to any space. Whether you place them in the kitchen or on a vanity, the usefulness of these dainty jars are endless.

Two: Every home needs a place to stow away those magazines that are being kept for future reference and inspiration. This functional + natty magazine rack is the perfect addition for just that.

Three: This copper planter is as chic as it is versatile, when it comes to tidying away a week’s worth of mail, the unpaid bills and piling ‘to-do’ lists. It can also be a practical piece for keeping rolled up towels in a bathroom or holding the stacks of blankets in a living room.

Four: This decorative bamboo basket is a great way to pack away the little things that are left laying around looking for a home.

Five: Every office space can use a unit to pack away note cards, pens + markers and other miscellaneous items. The cubes in this four drawer felt unit can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Six: Perhaps finding a place for the baskets that are already filled with bits is your dilemma? With a blend of different sized shelving, this AXIS shelving unit is the ideal solution.

Seven: This grey basket set is the perfect combo for disguising the under-the-sink cleaning products, keeping the snacks tidy in the pantry and the clean bedding packed away. The sky’s the limit!

Eight: Looking for a place to put those picture Christmas cards or a place to display those holiday memories? This wired picture frame collage can hold up to 7 of your favorites.

Remember when you’re cleaning away the old that someone, somewhere, can always use what you no longer need. There are a variety of charity shops around that will always take your unwanted items and place them in a new loving home.

Here’s to a neat + tidy start to 2015!