24th October 2014

Copper crazed

House decor is a never-ending, yet welcomed task, around these parts. Striped or solids, matte or finished, metallics, rustic or farmhouse? And that’s  just a teensy sample of the rhetorical questions I ask myself on more occasions than not. Although there’s nothing like sitting back in a clean, crisp completed abode +  basking in the fulfillment of a job well done, the scavenger hunt can be equally as enjoyable.

Carefully selecting those special focal point pieces is almost as satisfying as completing the room. Almost. During this time of year when autumn foliage is at its prime, copper is the perfect hue to crown any room. Here are some of my favorites.

copper crazed

1. The simplicity of this pendant lighting makes it ever-so versatile. It would compliment a breakfast nook or make that office space look extra chic.

2. Accent bowls can dress up a side table or add a bit of flair to your kitchen bar. Fill it with fresh fruit in spring and add pine cones come winter, and you have yourself a subtle accessory.

3. Position this copper effect metal jug on a coffee table or place it in your entry way with fresh flowers, either will add some color + luxe to your space.

4. Wouldn’t this piece look great added to a gallery wall? That copper accent makes it pop.

5. Every chic office space needs a globe, but this one is sure to add a unique touch and have you daydreaming of your next travels.

6. Foodie or not, cooking just got that much dapper with this copper cookware.

7. These copper plated fretwork side tables come as a set of three and would make the perfect addition to a mod-meets-rustic living room.

Although it seems we’ve seen a lot of copper popping up lately, trendsetters say that it’s not going anywhere. In fact, next year we could be seeing even more of this gorgeous metallic hue.