18th August 2014

Consider this…

Why hello there beauties, stunners, babes, or even the gent or two. It’s a new glorious week and someone, somewhere out there needs you to slap on that smile and put your best foot forward. I know, Monday comes early and it’s not easy but consider this…

That elderly lady crossing the street needs you to be ready when the rain starts to pour.

Your friend depends on you to answer when your phone starts ringing at the most inconvenient time.

The doctor, cashier, postman, construction worker – they won’t get a smile from anyone else today.

Or that acquaintance who could benefit from a prayer of hope and purpose.

Your better half could really use encouragement to help him get through his long, arduous day, the stress is just too much.

The young girl who hit your car needs your compassion more than you know. ┬áThis is minimal compared to what’s going on in her world.

Your colleague at work who is quiet because there’s a lot going on at home just needs someone to ask a simple, ‘how are you’, in order to muster up the words to share what weighs on their heart.

That family in the checkout line are two pounds too short and need to feed their family. Will you help?

Lets live with eyes wide open, there’s just too much at stake to sit and let the world spin. Be a light to someone today.