7th August 2015

Celebrating love

It’s August and wedding season is in full swing. We’re making a jaunt down south to celebrate two dear friends as they tie the knot this weekend. [The soon-to-be “Mrs.” might seem familiar to some of you!? Hint: She dishes out beauty + fashion tips on TheBrew like nobody’s business.] Weddings are a beautiful thing, they reunite¬†friends from afar, bring together family and cause the most happiest of celebrations under one roof. What’s not to love?

This month also calls for a celebration of our own as we celebrate three years since we said “I do”. Sometimes I can’t believe how fast time has flown by until I reminisce on all of the adventures we’ve been on ever since. It’s amazing how much fun you can pack in to those few years. Although I’m still believing that the best is yet to come.

wedding decor

Speaking of best – Friday has come again + my weather map is showing non-stop sun all weekend long! ¬†Show some love to the ones you hold dear + let your kisses linger a little longer this weekend because, why not?! While you partake in weekend festivities, here are some things that have caught my eye around the web this week…

For those who can’t stand their dainty jewelry getting into a tangled mess – here’s your solution.

Writing a letter of this kind is something we all hope we’ll never have to do, but sadly it’s inevitable. So the next time you have to pen a condolence letter here’s some wise words on what to say.

Could burnt orange be the new black? We think the verdict says yes – your thoughts?!

If you’re brunching this weekend you must feast your eyes on this!

…And if brunching drags into lunching then you’ll want to try this + a side of Mimosas of course!

A few tips to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn in a snap.

Two boss ladies dishing about the idea that we all wished we thought up.

Heading to London next year!? Here’s one thing I bet you didn’t consider adding to your list…until now!

Cheers to a weekend full of love + laughter all around.

T xo