13th August 2014

Two year reflections

across the pond

That’s right, we’re back again and sooner than usual, bringing you another edition of our Across the Pond series. This time we’re reflecting on two years of being wed to our English men. In true twinnie fashion Elise + Mark married the same year and just a weekend before Stephen and I. Who would have expected anything different?These two love birds will have you swooning in no time.You know the drill… once you’re done reading Elise’s response below head on over to her blog, Cheer’s Y’all where you can view mine.

The basics: when/where were you married?

August 11, 2012 in Charlotte NC. Then we had a “mini-moon” and flew to Mark’s hometown in England to have a wedding blessing August 18, 2012 (Tara’s wedding day!).


Looking back what was your favorite part of your wedding ceremony?

Oh gosh. Without a doubt, it was walking down the aisle to Mark. Leaving behind the life I’ve always known to start a new one with Marky by my side everyday. His face…he’s not a crier but he said it all with his precious face. I still watch this clip over and over again and swoon!!!  

What about the reception? 

Having all of our friends and family from across the country and across the pond in ONE ROOM…it was insane. Absolutely amazingly insane. I wish we could have a reception reunion party at every anniversary of ours.



What is the biggest lesson you learned (or have continued learning) this past year?

Servanthood. Our pastor from home always says, “marriage is the graduate school of servanthood.” I think that’s a lesson I’ll be learning forever. On days when Mark’s shoes throughout the house bug me, I fold another towel that was put in the sink instead of hung up, or when I find dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher…I think about how much I would miss the mess. As much as the mess (“Hurricane Mark” as his mum and I call it) drives me bonkers….when he’s not around I miss it. Tending to it is part of the way I serve him and serve our marriage as keeper of our home. All in all: I’m thankful for his mess. He’s a hot mess indeed. HA!

The hardest part of year two?

The moving transition. The winter months were lonely. We had each other, of course, but there were times we really missed Charlotte and seriously considered moving back.

The highlight of year two?

The same: moving! The adventure has been 100% worth it. We are both happier than we’ve ever been and more than certain that this is where we are supposed to be. Life on the coast. Cheers!!!



Name a few things marriage has taught you about yourself.

Sometimes I just need an attitude check. Making a bed can change from an annoying chore to a time to be thankful and pray for my husband in the matter of a second.

Mark teaches me that I don’t need to plan so much. Life is beautiful as it comes.

I’ve also learned that I’m more prideful than I realize. Mark is a better apologizer than I am. Stubborn is not always good —  I’m good at waiting for him to apologize before I apologize too. Not proud of that. But I am working on it!

What is something about marriage that has surprised you?

I’ve always been a very independent person. Marriage has made me more dependent…on Mark…in the healthiest, most whole, happy way. Mark and I are one now. It’s not my life and his life and we just live together…everything is very much ours. I think there’s a holy beauty, a mysterious oneness that comes alongside being married.



What do you love most about being married?

The little things. Sharing the little, inconsequential, mundane moments of my life with my best friend. Sharing a room with Mark. It’s still cool that it’s “our room.” Snuggling every night. Laughing all the time because Mark is hilarious. And coming home. Mark and I have the same favorite part of the day…coming home from work to our home and to each other.

Can’t you just feel the love!? Happy Anny you two!

Time now to hop on over to Elise’s blog Cheers Y’all, you’ve fallen in love with her love story now go fall in love with her blog.

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