26th June 2015

A different door to a new world

“Every new person is a different door to a new world.”

We’ve just ended, what seemed like a whirlwind of a trip, a lot of business and a little holiday, across seven states. It was a great experience to accompany my husband on his latest business trip, and getting to solo tour myself around and visit some sweet spots of America was an icing on the cake. We began and ended the trip in our favourite city, where we laughed, reminisced and made a pact of making it a definite vacation spot every year from here on out.

A New Door

One of the most beautiful perks about traveling is spending time with people. Getting to know their stories and what makes them tick. It’s ever-so evident that each of us are peppered with something unique. A fresh pair of eyes allows you to view the same world with a different perspective, and the things you can learn from experiencing life with others is unteachable. You have to live it, feel it and breathe it to really begin to gain an appreciation and perspective. Just another reason traveling is essential. Even strolling the streets of a different city can add value to your days and teach you something new.

This weekend we challenge you to live with eyes wide open, walk your streets, strike up a conversation with strangers and lean in a little closer. There’s something to learn and new experiences awaiting you around every corner. Just wait and see.

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Here’s to a weekend of being present and soaking up the new things awaiting to be discovered.