8th March 2017

10×10 wardrobe mix up

It’s that time of year again when my wardrobe could use a little mix up. It’s that in-between phase of grey sky mornings with a chance of sunny afternoons, or vice versa. Too warm for turtlenecks, yet too cold to show those shoulders. Not cold enough for thick socks and boots, but too wet to show your toes. You know the kind of weather I’m talking about, unless you live in Florida, in that case – move along.

Needless to say things became tricky when I was trying to plan my spring capsule wardrobe. Side note; if you haven’t popped over to pay Unfancy a visit yet – do it – total life changer. That’s when I decided that during this transitional season the 10×10 challenge would serve as an easier way of mixing up my wardrobe. The task is similar to the capsule wardrobe challenge except instead of thirty seven pieces to fit a three month seasonal cycle, ¬†you choose 10 to fit a 10 day cycle.

Easy enough right? Lets hope so! The idea is that you shop your own closet. No need to buy anything new. No need to overhaul + clear out. It’s just taking what you already have an playing mix and match!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the items included in my 10×10 selection

I’m hoping that this mini challenge will…

  1. Spark new creativity
  2. Help me to decide which items I want to include in my spring capsule.
  3. Make it quicker + simpler to get out of the door. (insert all of the praise hands)

I’ve decided to include;

3 tops

3 bottoms

1 dress

1 cardigan

2 pairs of shoes

Why not give it a try!? If you do, let us know by commenting below or come find us on Insta + Twitter.